About Us

Any talk of great Caribbean diving inevitably turns to the pristine waters of Cozumel. And it’s no wonder, since our slice of paradise is home to the second largest reef system on the planet. Enjoy the hospitality of Chucho Diver Cozumel and we will show you the finest underwater attractions that Cozumel has to offer.
Chucho Diver Cozumel selects each day's dive sites based upon the desires and skill levels of the customers.
•    See the tremendous sponges that Cozumel is famous for – some more than 100 years old!
•    Feel the exhilaration as you gently fin your way through our many incredible swim-throughs!
•    Experience the splendor and mystery of a night dive with your friends!
The same life-giving currents that feed the reefs and abundant marine life will carry you along effortlessly as you drift dive some of the most beautiful reefs and wall dives in the world. Each dive site is unique, with various types of marine life, currents and underwater topography. Do you want to see a particular type of coral, sponge or fish? We know where to find it. And a night dive with Chucho Divers can only be described as a journey to another world!
No mass market, cattle boat diving here. Whether you come individually, with a small group or with a larger group, the personalized service you will receive at Chucho Diver Cozumel is guaranteed to make your visit to Cozumel the diving adventure of a lifetime!

Chucho Divers Cozumel